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About Lanxang Tactical

A word about our name. Our founders fled the communist atrocities of the Laotian Civil War in the late 1970's and immigrated to the United States to start anew. We began with just a dream and the freedom to pursue it. Now we operate a precision machine shop and have worked as technicians and machinists in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. We believe that a society can, and should, defend itself from a predatory and oppressive governments. To that end, we not only produce high-quality aerospace parts, we also produce superior firearms. The name "Lanxang" came about as a tribute to the warrior heritage of one of our founders. It translates from Laotian as “one million elephants,” a phrase that relates to the military dominance of the ancient Laotion kingdom. Naturally, we liked the elephant as a symbol of strength and prowess, and it looks damn good on our rifles. We are 100% American owned and operated, our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Conyers, Georgia.

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