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Lanxang Tactical VL34 Product Review







A few months ago I was contacted by the VP of Lanxang Tactical asking if I would be interested in testing his new 7.62 gas gun. Being a sniper in the military for several years has afforded me the opportunity to shoot more rifles than I can count. What caught my attention about Lanxang was their commitment to quality control and building rifles based on user feedback, not what is selling in the AR market. There are serveral things I take into consideration when choosing rifles, accuracy, reliability, and ergonomics. I put all of those to the test during the 6th annual USASOC Sniper Competition. While training up for the competition I shot several kinds of ammunition through the VL34; 175gr Sierra Match King, 175gr Federal Gold Medal Match, and AB39. The gun consistently shot 3/4 MOA groups with all three types of ammunition and even tightened up to 1/2 MOA when I shot the AB39. Pretty damn good good for a gas gun. During 4 days and 19 different shooting stages I ran the VL34 into the ground. No cleaning, minimal lubricant, and constantly throwing it around as I ran the stages. I did not experience a single malfunction the entire competition. No double feeds, stovepipes, broken firing pins, blown extractors, shattered buffers, broken bolt lugs, or cracked rails. There were some big brand name guns experiencing several of those malfunctions during the competition. I dumped magazine after magazine through the gun, climbed up and down buildings with it across my back, dragged it through the woods, knocked it off a Humvee, and it still performed like a champion. At the end of the week the VL34 had taken as much punishment as I could dish out and still performed strong enough to help me and my partner take 3rd place. I will let the VL34's performance speak for itself. It is a strong, accurate, and rugged gun built for real gunslingers, not bench-rest sissies. I give it 5 out of 5 gold stars.





 As a shooting instructor my equipment has to function flawlessly and be accurate, no matter the conditions.  Travis approached me earlier this year about shooting the Lanxang rifle, the LTE-42.  From the very first groups I shot, this rifle has continued to amaze me.  Dirty, uncleaned, mixed ammo...this rifle has held groups of 1.25"...with irons sights only!  I never cleaned it and it continued to perform.  I have put this rifle up against guns with Eotechs, Aim Points, Elcans, ACOGs, with and without magnifiers.  It has out-shot every Military/ LE rifle that has come to one of my courses.  When I put a scope on the rifle it has consistently held groups from .5-.6"!

Every aspect of the rifle is top notch.  Magpul furniture and sights come standard.  The Geiselle 2 stage trigger (G2S) is smooth and consistently reliable.  The barrel, flash hider, and slender hand guard tube function flawlessly and flow smoothly into the upper receiver.  With all the attention to detail and time spent on this rifle, it is easy for me to say you are getting far more rifle for the price you pay.


Eddie Edmondson

Retired SGM Special Operations SMU

Shooting Instructor



I met up with Ryan and Travis at a private shooting range in GA to test some weapons and Lanxang Tactical's 5.56 was one of those. As a guest I was invited to test it out so I loaded a mag and stepped up to the line. The targets were steel plates hanging on chains at 100 yards. The plates ranged from 12" to 4".  I completely emptied the 30 rd magazine, firing between 1 and 2 rounds per second, changing targets every few rounds and never missed a shot! I own an expensive AR in 5.56 and it doesn't perform like that. It was the exceptional balance, muzzle brake and surprisingly smooth action that perfectly managed the recoil allowing me to maintain my sight picture. As I continued to shoot, my smile kept getting bigger and bigger. The trigger was very clean and crisp and the action was noticeably faster than mine.

I don't know what Lanxang did to the feed ramp but there was absolutely no detectable catch as the rounds chambered.  I had seen Lanxang rifles perform at sniper competitions but didn't know how accurate the 5.56 would be. By the time we were done, there was only one steel plate hanging by one chain and it was hanging with the edge facing us. Ryan put the bipod down on this rifle and laid down, aimed and fired a single shot. He drilled the edge of that plate solid, then jumped up and said, "Yeah! That just happened!"  Take your cell phone out to 100 yards and turn it sideways. There's your target. I never expected that kind of precision from a gas gun. This weapon had it all.


Scott Schill

Recreation shooting enthusiast

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